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Archive July 2010
Saturday 24 July 2010
The new Dell ad really gets on my nerves. It depicts a bunch of kids with their implied non-Dell laptops falling over and being unable to get up due to the presumably immense weight of any laptop not made by Dell, and then, when it starts talking about the Dell laptop being advertised, shows a dainty girl jauntily skipping along with her little bag. Until she gets home. And puts her bag down. And sits down. At a desk. Which already has the Dell laptop on it. So now we know it wasn't in her bag in the first place. What message am I supposed to take from this?
"Dell laptops - they may or may not be heavy, but it doesn't matter because the battery totally sucks so there's no point unplugging it!"

"Dell laptops - who cares if they're heavy, they're so fragile you won't want to carry them with you!"

"Dell laptops - designed for people who realise that, contrary to the first part of our ad, kids don't actually need to take a laptop to school!"
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Monday 12 July 2010
A few weeks ago I finished with New Super Mario Brothers Wii, the only game I've bought for the Wii, and proceeded with my plan to re-sell it on ebay for approximately what I bought it for - I then discovered that since I last used ebay they've become completely outrageous. Ebay's cut is now 15% when selling a video game, and then there's Paypal's 3.5% (or whatever it is) on top of that (and off the top, not off the reduced amount), and there's the shipping cost you lose each time you trade a game for another game. So I went looking for an alternative, some way to perhaps exchange games directly, and found Goozex.

The Goozex fee is basically $1 per trade (first one's free), which is a lot better than ebay's $9.25 fee on a $50 game. You still pay the shipping on every game you send out, but you'd do that with ebay too, so it's still $8.25 cheaper on a $50 game. Goozex's points system for what a game is worth is a little weird (New Super Mario Bros Wii was worth 1000 points, Super Mario Galaxy cost me 650 points - I assume it's in some way linked to the likely price for a used/new copy, or something, but I didn't see an explanation), and there is the downside of time - if you're wanting to trade in something nobody wants, or get something everybody wants, you wait in a queue. New Super Mario Bros Wii traded in instantly because it's in demand, but I had to wait two weeks for enough Super Mario Galaxies to be traded in to satisfy the queue. If you were to throw in more than one game up front then I'm sure the waiting would be less of an issue, and you can at least get some idea of how long a wait will be for a game, and choose something that's immediately available instead if you want.

For me, I'd rather wait two weeks for a game and get it for about $3 (including shipping) than get it immediately and pay $11.25. So I recommend Goozex, now that my first trade is satisfactorily complete. (Full disclosure - if you sign up from my link, and make a trade, I get a free $1 trade token.) [16:44] [0 comments]