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Archive October 2008
Tuesday 28 October 2008
Why are science people so very taken with double-blind testing? Has a double-blind test been performed to see whether double-blind testing really works? Surely it can't be relied on until its effectiveness has been proven that way?

I propose a double-blind study to see whether people can communicate by talking. We'll put two people in separate soundproof boxes, and a deck of 'psychic' cards (the star/squiggles/square/circle sort), shuffled, in the box with the 'speaker'. There will also be the same setup with a 'speaker' who is not going to speak, to provide a control. The 'listener' in each case will have to draw on blank cards the images in the correct order from the deck of cards. The experimenter won't know which pair of boxes is which, nor the order the cards have been shuffled into, until it is revealed after the experiment's conclusion. This is a fair and unbiased double-blind setup, right? [04:53] [2 comments]

Tuesday 21 October 2008
Fuck governments.

A couple of days ago I discovered that I really want to move to Hawaii, for various reasons. Then I discovered that I pretty much could do it, almost right now, on the terms which I would prefer and most people would hate. I was quite excited and enthused, had already started in motion, was planning a test-visit for a month starting in a mere couple of weeks. I felt alive for the first time in a long while.

Then I discovered that a "permanent residency" card is not actually permanent, it expires if you're out of the country for two years, which means I would not be allowed to live in the US after all. There is no acceptable way to change this fact (other than if I somehow acquire $500000, or some fantastic love-luck is involved). Fuck you, government, fuck your immigration stupidness. I'm obviously not coming round there stealing your jawbs, I fucking left before, when I was legal, having paid several thousands of dollars in tax without ever "taking your jawbs". If I wanted in for that reason I'd have stayed last time. What's the justification for not letting me (or anyone else who has previously had a permanent-resident visa) return? It makes no sense.

I miss it, and I've not even been there yet. It's what I was missing before I even knew. I will find a way. [15:54] [5 comments]

Friday 17 October 2008
Mutant Chronicles is rubbish. It made me invent this horrible joke. Why couldn't the irradiated ant speak? Because it was a mute ant.

That joke is better than the movie. You have been warned. [14:10] [0 comments]

Monday 13 October 2008
I've been reading the Dr McNinja webcomic (web-graphic-novel?) for quite a while, and haven't bothered to make a blanket recommendation of it before, but the last panel of today's page made me laugh enough that it merits recommending now.

Also, the A-Ha song "Take On Me" resung with lyrics to match the video is brilliant. [10:26] [0 comments]