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Archive October 2005
Sunday 30 October 2005
So, NaNoWriMo is almost upon us again, and this time they're, er, looking to collect $55000 for themselves to "keep NaNoWriMo going strong".

But enough about that, since I have no intention at all of nationally writing a novel this month. The question I have to ask myself is whether I want to do FiCoThBlHaDoGaMo or LeToUs3dStPrSoYoCaMaYoOwGrFoYoGaMo. Which is a pretty simple question really, in that the answer is "not really", but unfortunately the question isn't really intended literally. So the second answer is "well I really don't want to do the first one", but that's also not a very good answer. The better answer is "I should do the first one because I can always hire someone instead of doing the second one". Bah. Stupid month.

Arguments for the 3D Studio option include that I've been vaguely intending to learn to use 3D Studio properly for about 8 years, and that the "doing it in a month" format would actually be quite good, since I could do a tutorial each day and produce a picture, somewhat akin to last year's facetious suggestion of NoNaNoWriNoMo.

As you can see, I'm probably going to talk myself into not finishing a project, as usual. [00:54] [3 comments]

Monday 10 October 2005
Today I started fencing. En garde! Hit thing with sword! You miss! The thing hits you! You die...

The fencing people are nice except for one who seemed to be a spanner-faced jerk, but we won't ever have to interact with him so that's okay. Or if we do have to at all it'll be fencing against him, and he's obviously the worst fencer of the regulars, so that'll probably be good. There are only about 6 people, so there'll be no shortage of attention.

I also learned that in a fencing pose with a floppy sword and a bandana (my chosen alternative to having very little hair, until it grows back) I look ridiculously like a swashbuckly pirate. Or ridiculous like a swashbuckly pirate. Hooray. [07:06] [12 comments]

Friday 7 October 2005
Some of the best German board games playable online, free, with a download or an embedded Java client (the embedded one didn't work for me), at Brettspielwelt. Very nicely done implementations of the games (at least Carcassonne and 6 Nimmt), slightly bemusing metagame, mixed language for maximum confusion. The linked site includes information about language configuration and some of the oddities of the interface, and also rules for most of the games. So now I can stop trying to find someone willing and able to visit to play games, and instead just stay in my hole, hooray! [18:51] [0 comments]

Wednesday 5 October 2005
My scalp has been annoying me recently. I decided a nice simple solution to this, rather than trying various zany shampoos or other goos that no doubt wouldn't work, would be to shave all my hair off. So I did, and it didn't look as silly as I expected. Here is a picture. [04:07] [4 comments]